Last Shift Smoke Break: Do you wanna, like, blaze?

It’s 420 somewhere! We needed a bit of a smoke break on today’s shift so we decided to give our Degrassholes a little rundown of some of our favorite storylines that involve Jake Martin’s favorite pastime, smoking weed.

Along the way, we ask some burning questions such as,

With all the opportunities Clare had to get stoned (and if there was ever a character that needed to, it was Clare Edwards), why didn’t she?

Was Eli’s marijuana fueled short film LIFE really that bad?

How does Emma manage to make everything so cringe?

And most importantly, who do we want in our dream Degrassi blunt rotations (because it’d be redundant to talk about our nightmare rotations when Clare, Ashley, and Emma exist…)?

So enjoy some of the Devil’s Lettuce, don a pair of rollerblades, and remember, you should absolutely not trust our knowledge of Canadian law. Ever.


Stephan, Morgan, Natasha, Nina, and Perino

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